Are you ready for Linux?

What do you primarily use your computer for now?

Are you a Gamer?

Do you use office software (Word, Excel, Power Point)?

Do you have a printer or multi-function center (MFC)?

Do you webcam, Skype, or video conference?

Are you a graphic designer or video editor?

Do you have an iPhone or iPad and use iTunes?

Do you watch streaming video?

Do you use specialized hardware?

Do you use 3rd party or specialized software?

Are you ready for Linux?
100% Ready

This is your moment. You are the perfect candidate to switch to Gigastrand OS. Go right now to our online store and pick something awesome out for yourself!
50% Ready

You might have some challenges switching over, but you got this. You will probably want to check out our Lifetime Warranty PCs and run it as a second computer while you make the switch. Once you do, you will wonder why you ever used anything else.
25% Ready

Ok, not so bad. This just means you probably just won't be able to run Gigastrand OS full time. You will probably want to purchase an install disc and dual-boot Gigastrand on your existing computer while you see all it can do. It can run side-by side with other OSes making this option the least expensive.
Not Ready

Look, I'm going to level with you. Some people just can't make a the transition. That's OK. We appreciate you thinking of us and taking the time out of your day. You may do well with one of our specialty systems like the Gigastrand NVR or the Gigastrand Media Center where it provides a vital service independent of what you are doing on your main system. Keep us in mind, though.

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