Gigabytes Software Archive

In 1997, Gigabytes Computer Store was a little-known software development company called ASF Information Services. From 2000 – 2006, it was absorbed into Gigabytes Computer Store and continued to develop software during that time.

Some of these titles were ported to Windows and eventually began to be converted to run in Linux. Guessage! in particular was the only software to be listed in the Linspire CNR software library.

Below are some of the titles developed during this time. There is an assortment of DOS and Windows titles. Most of these will run on Linux using programs like DOSBox, Wine, and Crossover.

Compatible Software
Compatible Software Software ported for use on older machines. Developed and tested on IBM PCjr.
DOS Software
ASF The Game This game was originally developed on a Casio graphing calculator in 1995 and then ported to Qbasic in 1996. This is the third and last revision.
Budget 3 Weekly Budget for DOS was written in 1997 and revised several times. It is a very basic budgeting program easy to use for any skill level.
Blackjack 3 Blackjack is a text based blackjack game originally developed on a Casio graphing calculator in 1995. You are trying to hold out against a computer dealer with an unlimited shoe.
Guessage! This is a number guessing game based on code from a Commodore 64.  It was ported to a Casio graphing calculator in 1995 and then to Qbasic. Eventually it was ported to Windows and then Linspire.
Othello Othello was example code we updated and is based on the board game.
Plotter Plotter is a logo clone that we called Etch-A-Screen.
Randomology Randomology is another Casio graphing calculator game ported to Qbasic. It is several small programs and games designed to explore the computer’s random number generator.
Rockwars Rockwars is an example program we updated. You have to destroy the tank and the enemy castle before the tank reaches you.
Santa Wars Santa Wars is an example program we updated but never quite worked the bugs out of. It is like artillery (scorch) where Santas shoot snowballs at each other.
Timecalc Timecalc is a utility we developed to solve the issue with BASIC programs running differently on different systems. It would make the computer count for 10 seconds and then return a value. This value could then be used to create timing routines to calculate seconds so that it would be uniform across platforms.
Windows Software
Babylon 5 IFH Babylon 5: IFH is free software we distributed all the way up to 2017. This version is a newer version of the game and includes all of the supporting documents we created for it.
Bingo Madness Bingo Madness is a basic 4 card Bingo game. This was intended to be included in the Randomology program but took on a life of it’s own. This version is a little buggy in card generation and it does not have the card checker working either.
Personal Finance This is Weekly Budget version for Windows. It does not seem to work in Crossover, though it may simply be a corrupt graphics file.
Clock Pro This is a feature-rich clock program with alarms, reminders, calendar, timer, stopwatch, timestamp, logging, and several other features.
FTP FTP is an example program we updated and used in web development.
Guessage The Windows port of the number guessing game with sound and graphics.
Joint Strike Commander Once called General, JSC is a game where you locate and find enemies on a map using air power, artillery, armored divisions, and troops. Don’t run out of troops before you find all the enemies!
MP3 Player Example code we updated. Plays MP3s.
POS Lite We developed a Point of Sale software called receipt from day one at Gigabytes Computer Store. We released a lite version for people to use in their home or businesses.
Randomology This is the Windows port of the DOS game with several additions.
Windows Toolbox This is a collection of utilities for Windows to make it easier for people to test and troubleshoot their system.